Friday, November 13, 2009


Before I became a mother, I was worried that I'd be one of those people who would roll over in bed and smother their baby. I was worried that I wouldn't wake up when my baby cried, that I wouldn't even hear him. I have slept through epic thunderstorms and gunshots and hurricane-force winds. But other mothers reassured me: no, you'll definitely wake up. You'll hear him. Your innate maternal sensitivity to your baby's cry will kick in.

Here is the nightly scene at my house:

Henry (tossing and turning): Waaaaaaaaah.

Korwin (wakes up instantly): Kelly, Henry seems like he is hungry.

Me (still dreaming about french toast): Who?

Korwin (exasperated): You know, Henry! Our baby.

Me (rubbing my eyes now): Oh, you think she is hungry?

Korwin (disbelief): Kelly, Henry is a boy.

Me (big yawn): Oh, right. A boy. Okay, well, sure then.

I actually woke up a few nights ago and realized that I thought I was nursing Henry but instead, he was just pressed up against my chest with his pacifier in his mouth right where the nipple should be. I couldn't figure out why he was crying.

I guess being a parent doesn't exactly catapult you into the 'light sleeper' category.


dt said...

:) glad to know your still getting some sleep...even if Korwin & Henry aren't :)

proud of you for writing! keep it up....!

Becca said...

well, if not fed, if not the right gender, if not recognized as your own baby, at least he is still alive and not squished by his mommy. And that's why there are daddies like Korwin to reorient mommies like Kelly to reality.

clara jane said...

This is SO funny! love it!