Sunday, November 29, 2009

being thankful

For the past eight Thanksgivings, we have observed a family tradition of going around the table and sharing thankfulness from the past year. Each person talks for a little while, and everyone else listens. It is a simple and precious tradition, and it gives me a chance to reflect on the things that I realize I sometimes feel entitled to.

So, this year, I say thanks for:

~a partner who respects me and continues to show me that he loves me;
~Henry, who has changed my life in beautiful ways already;
~the wonderful rollercoaster that is pregnancy and motherhood;
~a few important experiences that have taught me that change is both good and possible;
~my grandmother, who was a strong woman and who was not afraid to die;
~the love of good friends who function as extended family, in that they have demonstrated their permanence in my life; and
~the continued blessing, providence, and renewal that God provides to me as I continue to acknowledge, love, and respect Him.

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